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The Wahooligan Way

Rule #1 // 
Spectators will be fully clothed UNLESS temperatures reach 15 degrees


Rule #2 //
If it's not on #Strava it didn't happen.

- @KillinchyCC


Rule #3 //

Any spectator found not to be either whooping or cheering shall be banished to the Tower of London!

- Joe Strudwick


Rule #4 //

If someone pushes in front of you to get a better view, puff out your cheeks and mutter "well, really....!" Before doing .....nothing.

- @pbcscitutor


Rule #5 //

All emotional outbursts must be strictly limited to a hearty 'well done old bean'

- @highfielder80


Rule #6 //

Whilst on UK roads, for support we shout "GO ON MY SON!" and not "ALLEZ!"

- @believethehype


Rule #7 //

If you are not in kit, being paid, and riding a bike, then GET OFF the road!!!

- @themartincox


Rule #8 //

One may not describe any of the race action tour caravan or riders using French terminology. It's not peleton it's bunch etc.

- @TobyPoggle


Rule #9 //

Only stand and get out of your seat if a rider gets out of his #wahooligans

- @ieuanmorgan


Rule #10 //

If you own a large dog that likes to chase bikes ... don't bring it with you!

- Richard Brown


Rule #11 //

All beer or ale consumed whilst watching cycling must be craft beer! Accompanied with a good slice of cake..

- @challengesophie


Rule #12 //

Animals and children should be kept on a lead.

- Colin Hol


Rule #13 //

In order to protect the flora and fauna, spectators must pee in their water bottle for proper storage.

- Mike Stashak


Rule #14 //

Don't moan when the tdf is on its only for 3 weeks when eastenders is on all year.

- Anon


Rule #15 //

Don't wear full lycra unless you're also going to go to the football in full kit, with 21 other guys, and a set of goalposts.t moan when the tdf is on its only for 3 weeks when eastenders is on all year.

- Ben Ranner


Rule #16 //

You must watch full live coverage on Eurosport and then watch the highlight shows on ITV and Eurosport later.

- @iammrc


Rule #17 //

Don't run after the riders, unless you know you can out sprint them on the hills.

- Ben Simmonds


Rule #18 //

Shave your legs. Reason: You don't need one, you're a cyclist!

- Bruce Karsten


Rule #19 //

 "Chapeau!" is a phrase best reserved for over-excitable continental types. One may express "Jolt Good Show, Old Chap" in exceptional circumstances, such as winning the French thing on a Boris Bike.

- Simon Morgan


Rule #20 //

When cycle touring two most important rules 1) never go backwards 2) you can have a beer as long as you've had coffee first.

- Joel Levitt


Rule #21 //

Don't lay a hand on the cyclist, you are not worthy.

- Pat Bennison


Rule #22 //

Cycling hats must be worn for the entire duration of the TDF, especially to work.

- @digitalsteak


Rule #23 //

Saddles, bars, and tires shall be carefully matched.

- Jesper Johannesen


Rule #24 //

Do not step in front of oncoming cyclist or bunch with your camera they are closer than you think!

- Olwen Melling


Rule #25 //

One simply does not wear mixed kit ie sky jersey and quickstep shorts

- Kieran Kirk Rule


Rule #26 //

Chips are the food of champions!

- Anon


Rule #27 //

Fancy dress is essential.

- Cindy M


Rule #28 //

Cheer louder than the person next to you.

- Thomas Cieslik


Rule #29 //

Whatever the weather, ensure that your knotted handkerchief is clean.

- Tony Knott 

Rule #30 //

Viva la Yorkshire, embrace our French friends with some wine and a pasty!

- Jerry M 

Rule #31 //

Rain makes the cycling fan stronger!

- Emma Lent

Rule #32 // 

Paint everything yellow, including yourself. 

- Adam Simson

Rule #33 // 

Countryside Yorkshiremen, GET OUT THE WAY 

- @ECBrownrigg 

Rule #34 // Spectators are there to watch the riders not themselves on TV. Stand back, pay attention. 

- @LeighSkylark

Rule #35 // 

Keep your selfie camera, your child, your dog and yourself on a short leash well back from the riders'. 

- @pelotonauthor 

Rule #36 // 

Until your see the black "FIN DE COURSE" van pass you there may still be other riders so keep off the course. 

- Ben Taylor 

Rule #37 // 

Yellow shades are a must! 

- Stu Plows

Rule #38 // 

Can't see the sea = no flip flops 

- Ben Morgan

Rule #39 //

No comments to fellow spectating cyclists involving the words "You were lucky" Example:- "You were lucky! Ah rode oop Alp D'huez wit backpack unt 30 whole pand oft bleck puddin." 

- Tim Barthorpe

Rule #40 // 

Local ale must be consumed... non of that continental larger stuff!!! 

- Richard Perry

Rule #41 //

Waterproofs a must.

- Adam Collinge

Rule #42 // 

Clap the progression of the peloton, never cheer. 

- Steve Saville

Rule #43 //

Don't forget the brolly. 

- Andy Watkins

Rule #44 // 

Drive on the LEFT!!! 

- Kieron Gasgoine

Rule #45 // 

Don't run up hills next to the riders - you'll spill your cup of tea. 

- Sandy Ginger

Rule #46 // 

Do not apply the "No, after you" rule at the finishing line.

- Christine Cox

Rule #47 // 

It's polite to queue up behind Team Sky... 

- Melanie Carlton 

Rule #48 // 

Pinky out while holding tea 

- Michael Montazeri

Rule #49 // 

Don't push in to get a space at the barrier . Some people get there hours before to ensure a good spot . I have developed good elbows on the Champs Élysées.

- Kath Littlewood 

Rule #50 // 

When streaming live coverage to the phone always ask the bill payers permission first. 

- Steve Allinson 

Rule #51//

Not matter what you're doing it, life would be would be better if you were on your bike.

- Ian Wedgewood


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